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Lotte in Playboy Netherlands


Lotte in Playboy Netherlands

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Magazine description:

When Lotte became Playboy Netherlands’ beautiful Playmate of the Month for October 2012, it opened the door to modeling opportunities that were previously out of reach. I really want to launch my own fashion line and be successful in it, says the busty Dutchwoman. I love nice clothes. As the blue-eyed brunette stripped and dipped into the pool, Lotte says she felt so sexy posing and licking her Popsicle as photographer Ingo Caly danced around her, capturing every moment on film. Nothing turns me on like good food and a good love story, she says in between licks. I also love a thoughtful man with beautiful hands. Share a sweet treat with Playboy Netherlands poolside babe, Lotte, right here on Playboy Plus.

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Posted: 22nd December 2016
Categories: XXX (18+)
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